Press Release -June 2011

Verdurous Solutions Private Limited -14 June 2011

The Verdurous India Index has stood up to the promise of delivering stable and superior returns on investments, closing the year to 5th June on a positive note. The index opened the trading for the “environment year” on the 7th of June 2010 at 1035.91 and closed at 1164.35 on the 3rd of June 2011 (base date: 5 June 2009 = 1000), thus delivering stellar returns of 12.40%, almost twice the returns offered by the designated benchmark (6.39%) at near identical risk. In all, the index has registered a smart recovery from a low of 506.60 on 27 October 2008 to offer impressive gross returns of 129.84% (Benchmark returns: 125.87%). The index confirms the claim that eco-sensitivity of business is not just good corporate citizenship, it makes good business sense as well. Superior environmental credentials contribute to the stability and consistency of business operations and serve to reduce volatility in stock valuation. Since the peak attained on 7 January 2008, the Verdurous India Index has lost 7.94% (annualized) at a lower price of risk, compared to the benchmark which has lost 8.16% (annualized), computed on a daily return basis. Verdurous Solutions has conceptualized the 25 stock holistic index incorporating mainstream manufacturing industry alongside firms from industry segments traditionally considered “green”, viz., sustainable energy, recycling, waste water treatment etc. The Verdurous India Index aims to focus attention on and hence reward the eco-sensitivity of businesses, and to help channel resources into the superior performers. In June 2010, the index was updated to include Jain Irrigation Systems Limited in place of Alps Industries Limited. The index committee has decided to leave index constitution unchanged for the period commencing 5 June 2011. Regular updates on the Verdurous India Index are published on